Installation Policy

All installations will be executed on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday between the hours of 8am and 4pm.

Customer Responsibilities

Customer is responsible for clearing a safe path or walkway. Customer is responsible for framing and finishing work, including marble. Customer is responsible for electrical hook-up. We do not install through slate, steel, or membrane roofs.

All installations include the following:

  • Lead installer will contact owner/contractor on morning of installation after 7:30am
  • Delivery of fireplace, stove, or other hearth appliance
  • Holes for venting are cut in walls, ceiling and roofs on wood construction. (Cement walls generally chipped away)
  • Exhaust is vented using rigid pipe or flex liners where allowed and the termination is sealed, flashed, and capped
  • Cabinets/mantels are assembled and secured in place
  • All appliances are fuel converted if needed (provided vendor-supplied conversion kit is available at time of installation/service)
  • All logs, ceramic bricks are setup (provided conversion is complete)
  • All remote controls are connected (provided vendor-supplied remotes are available at time of installation)
  • All appliances are field inspected and painted for any shipping imperfections once uncrated
  • Appliances are test-fired (provided fuel is available at time of installation)
  • Appliances are covered with cardboard for protection in new construction environments (Ash Away is not responsible for any damage to hearth appliances by other tradesmen on site)
  • Provide cleanup of immediate work area of which hearth appliance was installed

All installation balances/fees are due on the installation date.

All installations DO NOT include:

  • Any natural or propane gas feed lines installed or connected at anytime
  • Any electrical feed lines installed or connected at anytime (main power source for blowers)
  • Any low-voltage electrical feed lines, switches connected at anytime )thermostats or wall switched included)
  • Any moving of home ornamental objects/furniture in installation area
  • Any removal of construction materials to gain access to installation area
  • Any framing and/or changes needed to meet manufacturer's required clearances or local code
  • Modifications will not be done on customer's original cabinets/mantels for hearth appliances to meet required clearances or local code (unless purchased from Ash Away)
  • Painting/Staining of cabinets/mantels
  • Chimney cleaning (Ash Away does offer this as a separate service)

Ash Away Hearth & Chimney, Inc reserves the right to change installation dates in the event of equipment failure, non-availability or product or unsafe weather conditions.